Miles McPherson on Coming to Christ

Being the pastor of one of San Diego’s most popular and impacting churches, Rock Church, didn’t happen overnight for Miles McPherson. The road to God’s destiny for him led through a stint in the NFL with the San Diego Chargers, along with an addiction to cocaine.

Miles actually came to faith in Christ through the testimony of a couple of “Jesus people” hippie types who witnessed to him in a department store. But with no one to disciple him he fell away from Christ and drifted for years.

It was during his time playing professional football that Miles developed a cocaine addiction that reduced him to regularly visiting the seedy neighborhoods of San Diego to feed his habit.

But after his second NFL season and following a weekend-long drug binge, he called out for Christ to intervene, and Miles was delivered from drug addiction in one day and re-dedicated his life to Christ.

After retiring from football Miles worked as a youth pastor for Horizon Christian Fellowship in San Diego and enrolled in Azusa Pacific University’s School of Theology, where he received his Master’s of Divinity degree in 1991.

Nine years later Miles felt called by God to start Rock Church in San Diego. Since its founding in 2000 Rock Church has grown into one of the nation’s most impacting congregations, with nearly 15,000 people attending one of the Rock’s fifteen Sunday services, not to mention those who tune in to the services online, and through radio and TV.

In 2013 Pastor Miles launched “Do Something Church,” which is committed to equipping congregations to transform the world by successfully meeting the needs of their individual communities through innovative outreach strategies.

Through his book “Do Something: Make Your Life Count,” Pastor Miles has taught thousands to take Christ’s love to the streets and make a difference in their community.

His most recent book, “God in the Mirror,” explores how we as people are “made in God’s image” and offers readers a new and revolutionary view of God and themselves.

Recently on the Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” ministry and talk show, Pastor Miles sat down with host Jentezen Franklin to share how God moved in his life even as a young man.

This humorous, engaging, and personal recollection from Pastor Miles will entertain and challenge you to see how God sticks with us and will not let us go, even when we lose sight of him in our life’s journey. He has a plan and His love is forever.

You’ll want to watch this TBN video clip several times.

Pastor Richard Taylor of TBN: Praise Is the Key to Victory

Praise is a vital key to victory in the life of the Christian. Speaking on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” show, British pastor Richard Taylor noted that many people are in the proximity of God’s presence, but they never seem to be touched by His power and transforming presence because they do no embrace praise.

Pastor Taylor said that when Peter laid his hands on the lame man who was a beggar, and said “in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk” — it took a choice on the beggar’s part to rise up and embrace God’s healing power.

“Peter said, ‘Get up!’ and when the man got up, he started leaping and praising God,” said Pastor Taylor. “You see, it is the same for us. Being in the proximity is not enough. You’ve got to praise your way out of your beggar mentality. Many of God’s people have a beggar inside of them, and it’s crying out, ‘Help me, Lord! Deliver me! Set me free. I need a miracle.’ But the answer is not in begging. It’s in praising!”

This is a powerful video that will help to set you free to be an active, overcoming, victorious worshipper.

TBN London Is Changing Lives, Says Richard Taylor

British pastor Richard Taylor spoke on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” show about what God is doing through TBN in London.

“Dr. Paul Crouch, before he went to be with the Lord, established TBN studios in London,” he explained. “I want to boast a little about what TBN has done in the UK. They’ve put a massive presence outside of Wembley Stadium, and near to Buckingham Palace. The studios there are state of the art, and God is doing something in the UK through TBN and through the faithfulness of Paul Crouch.”

He told TBN viewers that “what God is doing in the UK, what TBN’s partners have sown, what you have partnered with, you are yet to see the fruit of in one of the greatest moves of God…. As TBN is now on the map of the United Kingdom, the gospel is being preached through the airwaves and is reaching men and women that many of us would have no way of reaching.”

Pastor Taylor encouraged TBN viewers to “sow into this ministry because it is making a difference, not just around America, but around the world, and especially in the UK.”

London Pastor Talks About Reaching Those Who Are Antagonistic toward the Message of the Gospel

As pastor of Jesus House for All the Nations in London, Agu Irukwu meets people from all walks of life. On Trinity Broadcasting Network’s inaugural “Praise the Lord” show from London, Pastor Agu spoke to TBN hosts Matthew Crouch and Laurie Crouch about how he reaches out to those who are reluctant to embrace the love of Christ.

Pastor Irukwu related that there is a barber shop he frequents in London, where the clientele have very little understanding about the things of God, and are, in fact sometimes antagonistic to the Christian faith.

“They all know I’m a pastor and they ask me about my faith,” Pastor Irukwu said. “’What about this Jesus thing?’ they’ll ask me. And my response to them is, ‘Why not just try Jesus for yourself? That’s all I’m asking. Just try Him and see.’”

Watch this powerful TBN video featuring a pastor who reaches out to those in desperate need.

Pride Will Block Answers to Your Prayers, Trevón Gross Tells TBN’s “Praise the Lord” Audience

With his wife Qwynn, Pastor Trevón Gross pastors Hope Cathedral in Jackson, New Jersey. On a recent edition of Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” music, ministry, and talk show, Pastor Trevón spoke about the role pride plays in un-answered prayers and unfulfilled opportunities.

So many Christians walk in pride, said Pastor Trevón, “and they do it with their Sunday best on. But then they wonder why God doesn’t answer their prayers.”

He noted that most Christians are “too spiritual to admit they walk in pride. But the truth of the matter is that every child of God has to wrestle with pride. And if we don’t master pride and keep it under control, it will master us.”

Watch this TBN video as Pastor Trevón shares deep insights that will help you battle this sin to which every person is susceptible.