What’s One Easy Thing You Can Do as a Christian? Love the Lost!

Ron and Judy Radachy have an impacting outreach to men and women on the streets of Hollywood, ministering to prostitutes, drug addicts, homeless, and gang members in this city where just about anything goes.

Recently Ron and Judy were guests on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” ministry and talk show, where Ron told an incredibly moving story about how a member of the Crips, a notorious and violent street gang, came to Christ through their ministry, all because they simply showed him the love of Jesus.

And guess where that man is today? Watch this powerful TBN video …

Warren the Fire-Breathing Evil Clown Got Saved — But Here’s What Happened Next!

Vince Antonucci is the pastor of Verve Church, an untraditional congregation that reaches out to people who work and live around the Vegas Strip in “Sin City.”

Recently on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” talk show, Vince told the story of Warren, an actor who plays a fire-breathing evil clown in a Vegas show, and who decided to go to Verve one Sunday — to disrupt the service and close down the church.

But something incredible happened instead. Warren found a God who loved him enough to send His Son to die for Warren’s sin and brokenness. Warren ultimately gave his life to Christ — and what happened next will blow you away.

Watch this incredible TBN video as Vince Antonucci tells the amazing story.

Do You Want to Hear the Most Famous “White Spiritual” Ever Composed? Listen On!

Wintley Phipps recently introduced a well-known song on Trinity Broadcasting Network by playing its unforgettable melody on just the black keys. “There were white composers who worked with this scale, and in early America they used to call this the ‘slave scale,’” Wintley explained of the notes used in the song. “And I’m going to play for you what some musicologists think is the most famous ‘white spiritual’ built on the ‘slave scale’— or just the black notes.”

He then proceeded to play this song on just the black notes of the piano, and after couple of notes the entire audience recognized the song — an old, old, hymn — and began to sing its beloved words.

Watch this moving video as Wintley Phipps goes on to tell the incredible story behind this hymn that literally the whole world has heard.

Best-Selling Author Tommy Tenney Remembers Andraé Crouch

Pastor Tommy Tenney, author of “God Chasers,” “One Night With the King,” and other best-selling inspirational books, was a friend of the late Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Andraé Crouch. Watch this clip from Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” program with host Smokie Norful as Tommy remembers Andraé.

NFL Great Christian Okoye Tells How He Committed His Life to Christ

Christian Okoye was one of the most dominant running backs in the NFL in the late 1980s, playing for the Kansas City Chiefs. Born into a very poor family in Nigeria, Christian was blessed as a young man with the opportunity to attend a Christian college in the U.S. on an athletic scholarship. But Christian said that, while he knew the Lord, he really didn’t have a solid purpose in life other that athletic pursuit.

“My whole thing was playing sports all the time,” Christian recalled. “Even though I was going to a Christian college, it was a playground for me. It was all about enjoying myself and fulfilling my athletic goals.”

Watch this great video clip from Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” ministry and talk show, as Christian Okoye tells how a godly college mentor showed him the importance of having his future based on a commitment to Christ.