Samuel Rodriguez on TBN’s Praise the Lord: God Wants Us to Let Go of “Plan B” and Trust Completely in Him

Pastor Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, was a guest on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s special Praise the Lord music and talk show from the island of Grand Bahama. Pastor Rodriguez has a dynamic message for the church today about trusting God more fully, and he offered it to the TBN audience.

“There comes a time in our journey,” he said, “when God wants us to let go of ‘Plan B’ and give our complete trust to Him. He says, ‘You’re going to have to let that life boat drift away.’ Some of us have a security blanket other than God that we cling to when times get tough. We believe in God, but just in case He doesn’t come through right away, we have something else to turn to.”

Continued Pastor Rodriguez: “The only time we will see the full realization of God’s purpose in our lives is when we decide that there will be no Plan B, no life boat, no crutch or comfort in our lives other than God and His promise of provision and answer.”

This powerful, timely message from Pastor Samuel Rodriguez is just what we need in these times of uncertainty. Watch it and be blessed and challenged!

The Martins Talk About Their Close Relationship With TBN and Why They Partner With and Support the Ministry

On a special addition of Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Praise the Lord program, TBN host Matthew Crouch took a few moments with the Martins, the popular, Dove Award-winning Southern Gospel trio.

The Martins have been a part of TBN for many years, and Joyce Martin Sanders explained why they feel so much a part of the network and its global impact. “There is an authenticity about TBN and its ministry that rings true to us, and rings true to viewers all over the world,” said Joyce.

“It makes sense for us to connect ourselves to a ministry like TBN with a passion to take this Gospel that we know can change people’s lives, because of how it has changed our lives.”

She added that “we trust this ministry and those leading it because we know that they’re not preaching anything that they don’t live out on a daily basis — and they’re not trying to convince people to follow something that has not made a difference in their lives.”

This short video will help you understand what has motivated so many people over the years to partner with and support the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Bishop I.V. Hilliard on TBN’s Praise the Lord: Do You Need Answers? Press in to God’s Word and Faith

Bishop I.V. Hilliard was a guest recently on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Praise the Lord show, where he emphasized the need to press into faith in God when we need answers to life’s tough questions.

“I grew up in church,” recalled Bishop Hilliard, “but I was confused in my early adulthood because I studied in the Word of God and could see things in the Bible that weren’t being borne out in the lives of God’s people. I could see victory throughout the Bible, but I didn’t see much victory in the people of God I knew.”

Bishop Hilliard said that God had to transform his thinking on this issue. “The Bible says that if you hunger and thirst after righteousness you will be filled,” he pointed out. “And I was hungry for answers.”

Noting that God will always fill us to the level of our hunger and thirst, Bishop Hilliard said that there were attitudes that he had picked up along the way that God needed to change. “I thought the will of God automatically came to pass,” he said, “because that is what I had heard. “Whatever the Lord wants to do He will do — that is what I had grown to believe.”

Continued the Bishop: “While that sounds good, it’s not scriptural.” He noted, for example, that while it is God’s will for everyone to be saved, not everyone comes to that place of salvation. “So the will of God cannot be automatic in our lives,” he said. “The will of God comes to pass relative to how we use our faith. People do not get saved because they will not do what is required for them to receive the salvation that is freely given.

“That goes throughout Scripture. You get saved by faith. You get healed by faith. You get delivered by faith. You have peace by faith. Everything hinges on faith. And once I understood how to use my faith, my whole life in Christ changed.”

This is a profound video you will want to watch over and over.

Jonathan Laurie on TBN’s Praise the Lord: “What’s It Going to Take for You to Give Your Life to Christ?”

Jonathan Laurie can distinctly remember one of the last conversations he had with his older brother Christopher just before Christopher was killed in an automobile accident in 2008. On a recent edition of Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Praise the Lord show, Jonathan told TBN hosts Matthew Crouch and Laurie Crouch that Christopher had a profound influence on his life.

Noting that the two of them had grown up as the sons of well-known pastor and ministry leader Greg Laurie, Jonathan recalled that Christopher was the one person he could be honest with. “I would tell him what I was going through,” Jonathan said, recounting that “he went through the same thing I did. The party lifestyle, the drugs, the alcohol, and he had given his life to Christ, had gotten married, and had two beautiful children.”

Jonathan went on to say that “one of the last conversations I had with Christopher as we were driving home from church one day, he said to me, ‘You know, Jonathan, you’ve had a lot of wake-up calls and close calls in life. What’s it going to take for you to give your life to Christ?’”

Watch this powerful video to see how that simple, direct question impacted Jonathan Laurie’s life when Christopher was killed a short time later.

Michael Koulianos on TBN’s Praise the Lord: God Is Revealing Jesus to the World as More Than Enough for All Needs

Michael Koulianos is part of a bold new generation of Christian leaders calling the Church to radical commitment to Christ. Recently on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Praise the Lord program Michael said that “I believe in this season the Lord is revealing His Son in a new way. Jesus is enough! In Him all things consist.”

Michael emphasized to the TBN audience that Jesus is not just one thing. “I can say with 100 percent boldness that if you experience Jesus, then you experience all things,” he said. “We went through a time when the Church needed to hear the gospel of healing. And we needed to hear the gospel of faith. We needed to hear the gospel of holiness, and the gospel of grace. These are all wonderful things. But if you preach Jesus you are preaching all the message, not just one part.”

He went on to say that it is possible to take a truth about Jesus and build an idol. “We can take what we like about the Lord, craft our own image, and just name it ‘Jesus,’” Michael warned. “But Jesus wants us to instead look at the fulness of His face. In the Hebrew, there is not a word for ‘face’ in the singular. There is only a word for ‘faces.’ In other words, God doesn’t have a face. He has faces that show many different dimensions and aspects of His person. So Jesus is a reckless lover as much as He is a holy Lord. He is a righteous King who hates sin and a merciful Savior Who can wash it away. He is not either/or — He is all of it!”