Here’s a Great “How to” on Staying Together for a Lifetime!

What’s the secret to a great marriage? Why is it that the marriages of the most beautiful people in the world — the Hollywood set — usually crash and burn after a few years at most? And a lot of people in the workaday world don’t fare much better.

In fact, statistics show that more than forty percent of couples who say “I Do” to their one-and-only are turning it into “I can’t” and “I won’t” in just a few short years, walking away from the one they promised to stay with for better or worse.

So is it even possible anymore for a marriage to last a lifetime, for a man and a woman to stay together for forty, fifty, sixty years — “til death us do part?”

“Absolutely,” says marriage expert Gary Thomas, who was the special guest of host Kirk Cameron on a recent marriage focused edition of Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” show.

But it takes more than fuzzy feelings and good intentions, he said. “I Do” has to be coupled with “I Will” — a lifetime commitment that is accompanied by something beyond two people who start out their life together in love. And that something is the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

“The richest marriages I know are those where husband and wife are joined side by side seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,” said Gary.

Here’s a short video that can turn your marriage around — and help you think about one of the world’s most important covenant relationships in a whole new way.

Julia Immonen Talks About Her Amazing Turn to God, and Her Mission to Help Those Taken in Human Trafficking

Julia Immonen may be best known as the founder of Row for Freedom, which grew out of the record breaking achievement by her and four other women of rowing 3,000 miles unaided across the Atlantic Ocean in 2012 in a small rowing boat. The goal of the organization is to bring attention to the millions of women who are enslaved across the earth in human trafficking.

On Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Praise the Lord ministry and talk show, TBN hosts Matthew Crouch and Laurie Crouch spoke with Julia about how God got hold of her life.

Watch this powerful and inspiring TBN video.

Elyse Fitzpatrick on TBN’s Praise the Lord: There’s No “Bait and Switch” in the Gospel of Jesus Christ

There’s good news for those of us who are having a hard time “doing” the Christian life. It’s impossible for you. You can’t do it. In fact, God never intended for you to do it. That’s because Jesus Christ already accomplished all the “doing” that will ever need to be done to make you acceptable and beloved before the heavenly Father.

Recently on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Praise the Lord ministry and talk show, TBN hosts Matthew Crouch and Laurie Crouch welcomed Christian counselor and conference speaker Elyse Fitzpatrick, who talked about the importance of getting past our penchant for performance in our quest for God’s best.

“The gospel is supposed to be good news,” Elyse pointed out to the TBN audience. “But most of us have been convinced over the course of our Christian life that there is some bad news to face once we are all in.”

Elyse recalled that she did not grow up in a Christian home, “and I used to go to sleep at night crying and praying — event though I did not believe at the time — that somehow when I woke up the next morning I would be a better person and would be forgiven.”

Elyse said that when she became a Christian at age 21, “at that moment it was good news, because I learned that there was someone who loved me — and not only loved me but forgave me.”

But she added, “then I quickly entered into the ‘Christian life,’ where the good news was replaced by all of these things I was told I had to do to be okay. If I wasn’t able to end the day feeling that I had done well by completing all of these duties and obligations, then somehow I felt I was missing it.”

Added Elyse: “You see, there’s this bait and switch that we give to new Christians, that causes so many of them — particularly young people — to leave the church. They end up saying things like, ‘Christianity works for you, but it doesn’t work for me’ — which to my way of thinking translates, ‘I can’t do this.’

“But the wonderful message of the gospel is, ‘Right! You can’t do it. Someone named Jesus did it for you. Flee to Him, run to Him.’ That’s the good news that will sustain us.”

Samuel Rodriguez on TBN’s Praise the Lord: God Wants Us to Let Go of “Plan B” and Trust Completely in Him

Pastor Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, was a guest on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s special Praise the Lord music and talk show from the island of Grand Bahama. Pastor Rodriguez has a dynamic message for the church today about trusting God more fully, and he offered it to the TBN audience.

“There comes a time in our journey,” he said, “when God wants us to let go of ‘Plan B’ and give our complete trust to Him. He says, ‘You’re going to have to let that life boat drift away.’ Some of us have a security blanket other than God that we cling to when times get tough. We believe in God, but just in case He doesn’t come through right away, we have something else to turn to.”

Continued Pastor Rodriguez: “The only time we will see the full realization of God’s purpose in our lives is when we decide that there will be no Plan B, no life boat, no crutch or comfort in our lives other than God and His promise of provision and answer.”

This powerful, timely message from Pastor Samuel Rodriguez is just what we need in these times of uncertainty. Watch it and be blessed and challenged!

The Martins Talk About Their Close Relationship With TBN and Why They Partner With and Support the Ministry

On a special addition of Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Praise the Lord program, TBN host Matthew Crouch took a few moments with the Martins, the popular, Dove Award-winning Southern Gospel trio.

The Martins have been a part of TBN for many years, and Joyce Martin Sanders explained why they feel so much a part of the network and its global impact. “There is an authenticity about TBN and its ministry that rings true to us, and rings true to viewers all over the world,” said Joyce.

“It makes sense for us to connect ourselves to a ministry like TBN with a passion to take this Gospel that we know can change people’s lives, because of how it has changed our lives.”

She added that “we trust this ministry and those leading it because we know that they’re not preaching anything that they don’t live out on a daily basis — and they’re not trying to convince people to follow something that has not made a difference in their lives.”

This short video will help you understand what has motivated so many people over the years to partner with and support the Trinity Broadcasting Network.