Kathy Hayes on TBN’s Praise the Lord: Prayer Really Does Change Things

Are you praying for the God-given destiny of your children. The most powerful resource you have to ensure that your children walk in God’s purpose is prayer.

Kathy Hayes was a guest recently on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Praise the Lord program, where she told the story of how God spared her son as she and her husband, Pastor Mike Hayes, stood in faith and believed God’s promises.

Kathy recalled that her own mother was a prayer warrior, “and as a child I remember looking at a plaque she had on the wall that read, ‘Prayer Changes Things.’” Her mother’s example led Kathy to take on that same mantle of prayer in her own life.

“When I was pregnant with our first child Stephen,” she related to the TBN audience, “about three months into the pregnancy it looked like I had lost him, and we called the doctor and he told us to come in the next morning and he would check me out to see if I was still expecting.”

She recalled that her husband Mike was outside in the yard praying, and came in to tell her, “Kathy, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, ‘The child shall not perish.’”

That declaration filled Kathy with faith. “I didn’t even hesitate,” she said. “I said, ‘Well then, he won’t perish.’ And when we went to the doctor the next day everything was fine.”

Kathy went on to say that she thought the declaration from God of Stephen’s safety only applied to the situation before he was born. But she was to find out the mighty truth of God’s promises and protection many years later when Stephen was badly injured in an accident, and was not expected to live.

Watch this powerful testimony of God’s faithfulness — and be assured about God’s hand of protection over your own children. Click Here to watch the entire TBN interview with Kathy Hayes, which begins at 19 minutes into the program.

An Incredible Story of Healing and Restoration on TBN’s Praise the Lord

Jesse Duplantis is a popular host of Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Praise the Lord program. Jesse has an anointing of faith — and his incredible faith builds faith in others.

On a recent Praise the Lord program Jesse welcomed Pastor David Swann of Clovis, New Mexico. David also walks in an anointing of faith, particularly to see people healed from serious disease. David’s faith came after, as a young man, he was healed from bone cancer when he and his wife prayed, believed, and stood for the answer the Word of God said they could have.

After his miraculous healing David became a pastor, and today he and his wife are seeing incredible miracles of healing and restoration in their church in Clovis.

During the Praise the Lord program David shared with the TBN audience one very moving story about how he ministered Christ’s healing power to a man in Clovis, how the man and his wife stood tenaciously in faith for that healing — in the face of bad reports from the doctors — and how that man was made completely whole and is a living testimony today of God’s mercy and power.

Watch this incredible testimony of healing, and then Click Here to view the entire interview with Pastor David Swann. The segment begins at 1 hour, 25 minutes into the program.

TBN Host Phil Munsey on Praise the Lord: “Your Calling Is Calling”

Every person born on earth has a calling given to them by God. Recently on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Praise the Lord ministry and talk show, popular TBN program host Phil Munsey talked about the unique calling each person has. “I believe that Jesus has allowed me the privilege of speaking to each of you,” Pastor Phil said, “to assure you that God has put a call upon your life, and I believe that God is going to stir you and awaken the gift that is within you.

“The Bible says in 2 Timothy 1:9 that God has saved us and He has called us with a holy calling, not according to our works but according to His purpose, which He established before time began.

“There are three things that are very important and which everyone must understand. Number one, God thinks about you. He is mindful of you. Number two, God thinks good about you. In fact, the Bible says that the plans He has for you are all good. And number three, God has put a lot of thought into His plans for you. As we just saw, the Bible tells us that God has not just saved you, but He has called you. And that call commenced, not with your mother and father, not with your birth, but before time began. Jeremiah said that before he was in his mother’s womb God knew him.

This is a phenomenal message from an anointed messenger of God, that will help you tune in to the unique and purposeful calling God has for you. Click Here to watch this powerful word, which begins at 1 hour, 46 minutes into the program.

T.D. Jakes on TBN’s Praise the Lord: Jesus Is the True “Bread of Life”

Bishop T.D. Jakes is one of the most popular and impacting Christian leaders in the world today, with millions tuning in each week to watch his ministry program on Trinity Broadcasting Network and TBN’s Church Channel.

Recently as a guest on TBN’s Praise the Lord program, Bishop Jakes brought a powerful word to the body about Jesus the “bread of life.”

Bishop Jakes recalled how the devil tempted Jesus in the wilderness with the challenge that if He was truly the Son of God, “turn these stones into bread.”

Noting the importance of speaking the Word of God back to the enemy, Bishop Jakes said that “Jesus threw the book” at the devil with the powerful words: “It is written that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.”

Said the Bishop: “That was the first clue to me that something was going on, because he tempted Jesus to turn the stone to bread, if He was the Son of God. But if you know your Bible you know that the Son of God is bread.”

Bishop Jakes reminded the cheering crowd that Jesus said, “I am the true bread that cometh down out of heaven. If any man eat of this bread he shall never perish….”

Watch this powerful and life-changing TBN video clip as Bishop T.D. Jakes re-enforces the truth about Jesus “the Bread of Life.”

Just Faith, or Faith in Jesus Alone: It Makes All the Difference to Our Salvation, Josh McDowell Explains on TBN’s “Praise the Lord”

What saves us: our faith — or our faith in the saving power of Jesus Christ alone? It makes a big difference, Christian apologist Josh McDowell explained recently on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” show.

“The value of faith,” emphasized Josh to TBN host Arthur Blessitt, “is not in the value of the one exercising the faith, but the faithfulness of the One on whom that faith is focused. You see, salvation is by grace, through faith, in Jesus.”

But there is a problem with how many Christians view faith, explained Josh. “When we preach that we’re saved by faith, too many people today, especially young people, don’t have a genuine object to their faith, and before long they walk away from their commitment to Christ. That is because many young Christians today think that they are saved only by faith — that their faith saves them.”

Josh pointed out that often the way a person comes to faith in Christ will determine how he or she lives out that faith. “So if you think you are saved by your faith, then you will live your Christian life only by your faith — and you’ll fall flat on your face. You see, it’s faith in Christ. In Daniel 11:32 it says that those who know their God will do great exploits. And that is why I tell new believers: Get to know your Savior. Get to know the God you want to love.”

He emphasized that love a that lasts goes past nice feelings to knowing — and believing — the truth of God’s Word. “The Bible says that you shall know the truth — not just feel it — and the truth shall set you free!”

Watch this powerful, short video and share it with your family and friends.