London Pastor Talks About Reaching Those Who Are Antagonistic toward the Message of the Gospel

As pastor of Jesus House for All the Nations in London, Agu Irukwu meets people from all walks of life. On Trinity Broadcasting Network’s inaugural “Praise the Lord” show from London, Pastor Agu spoke to TBN hosts Matthew Crouch and Laurie Crouch about how he reaches out to those who are reluctant to embrace the love of Christ.

Pastor Irukwu related that there is a barber shop he frequents in London, where the clientele have very little understanding about the things of God, and are, in fact sometimes antagonistic to the Christian faith.

“They all know I’m a pastor and they ask me about my faith,” Pastor Irukwu said. “’What about this Jesus thing?’ they’ll ask me. And my response to them is, ‘Why not just try Jesus for yourself? That’s all I’m asking. Just try Him and see.’”

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Pride Will Block Answers to Your Prayers, Trevón Gross Tells TBN’s “Praise the Lord” Audience

With his wife Qwynn, Pastor Trevón Gross pastors Hope Cathedral in Jackson, New Jersey. On a recent edition of Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” music, ministry, and talk show, Pastor Trevón spoke about the role pride plays in un-answered prayers and unfulfilled opportunities.

So many Christians walk in pride, said Pastor Trevón, “and they do it with their Sunday best on. But then they wonder why God doesn’t answer their prayers.”

He noted that most Christians are “too spiritual to admit they walk in pride. But the truth of the matter is that every child of God has to wrestle with pride. And if we don’t master pride and keep it under control, it will master us.”

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Susan Boyle Touches TBN Audience With Her Rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

Susan Boyle, who stole the hearts of millions around the world in 2009 with her astounding performance on Britain’s Got Talent, appeared on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord,” where she visited with TBN hosts Matthew and Laurie Crouch about her past, her faith, and the incredible journey that has made her one of the most popular singers in the world.

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Victoria Osteen on TBN’s Praise the Lord: “Fight the Good Fight of Faith”

Victoria Osteen is well-known for the message of hope and encouragement she brings to people the world over with her husband Pastor Joel Osteen. Recently Victoria co-hosted with Laurie Crouch a special “Women Only” edition of Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” show, where she encouraged TBN viewers to “fight the good fight of faith,” whatever their circumstances.

Everyone faces many of the same pressures in life, she said. “Even if it looks like someone doesn’t have any problems and everything comes easy, in reality everyone struggles,” Victoria observed. “People may look fine on the outside, but be assured that they are facing some of the same issues and problems you face. Everybody has to fight the good fight of faith. Everybody has to go to God. Everybody needs His help.”

She encouraged the women viewing the special TBN program that “you may feel you don’t look right on the outside, because you don’t feel right on the inside. But I want to tell you that God works from the inside out. And if you’ll begin to put His Word into your inside, your outsides will change. And I’m not talking just about your physical — I’m talking about your circumstances….”

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Mylon LeFevre on the “Great Transfer” – Christ’s righteousness and Sonship for Our Sins

Rock ‘n roll and gospel legend Mylon LeFevre was a guest recently on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” broadcast, where he told the TBN audience that “God is good and he wants to prove it to you. He wants to show up at your house today and He wants to prove to you how much He loves you. He is not mad at you — He wants to bless you!”

Mylon assured the audience that God has “placed your sins in the sea of forgetfulness,” and said that “even though I’m imperfect, He treats me like I am His son Jesus. He gives me what Jesus deserves and Jesus took on Himself what I deserve. That’s the best deal on the planet. You need to get you some of that!”

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